VOX Continental MkII/ Supercontinental

VOX Continental MkII

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VOX Continental MkII

VOX Supercontinental - front view

The VOX Continental MkII, how it was called in England/ Europe or Supercontinental, how it was called in the US, is the two manual version of the Continental.

VOX Supercontinental - closer look

It has nearly the same stops, like the smaller Continental MkI.

VOX Supercontinental - more closer...

A bass pedal board and some expression pedals were optionally available for the Supercontinental.

Data of the VOX Continental MkII:
Brand VOX Jennings Musical Instruments (JMI)
Location of the manufacturer Dartford, England
Model name Continental MkII (UK)/ Supercontinental (US)
Model number Continental MkII (UK)/ Supercontinental (US)
Serial Number -
Date of construction 1965
Type suitcase organ with chrome stand (combo organ)
Dimension (W/H/D), weight ?
Manuals 2 X 49 keys
Pedals optional
Amplifier/ Speakers Line OUT/ -
Additional effects -
Additional units -
Tone generator germanium transistors (later silicium, IC), 7 octaves, master oscillator with frequency deviders
Toneforming UM (1st manual) 5 (6?) drawbars: 16', 8', 4', 2', IV Rank (2 2/3'+ 2'+ 1 3/5'+ 1'), (5 1/3'?)
Toneforming MM (2nd manual) -
Toneforming MM (3rd Manual) -
Toneforming LM (lower manual) 4 drawbars: 8', 4', 2', IV Rank (2 2/3'+ 2'+ 1 3/5'+ 1')
Toneforming PD (pedal) ?
Sound typical BEAT organ sound: multiple rank, slightly aggressive organ sound
Price (payed/ worth) ?/ 1970: $999(US)
Anything else -
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Many thanks to Duane Wayne from the VOX Showroom for the information and the pictures.
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